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Ninestar's inkjet cartridge shipment reached 8.12 million

The overseas shipment of Ninestar’s inkjet cartridge reached 8.12 million pieces at this November. The last record of highest monthly shipment is 7 million,which was created in December 2013. It should be highlighted that the shipment record in 2013 was created by more than 1300 employees,while the latest record is created by only 810 employees! 
In recent years,even under the great pressure of increasing cost of human resources and raw materials,Ninestar still insisted on innovation and improvement in production management,making the process and allocation of production more rational. On the other hand,the application of automatic production line and the mechanical equipment greatly boosts the efficiency and improves the product quality. 
The demand from the market is our motivation to move forward,and the satisfaction of clients is the goal we are always pursuing. In return for the trust and support from our clients,Ninestar will continue to offer high-quality products and better services in the future.