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A new series of high-end product is releasing soon

There are an increasing number of people complaining that there are not many new products released,that quality is not improved and that price competition is too fierce in the compatible printing consumables market,thus finding the difficulty of surviving in the industry of lower profit than ever before. 

Is that true? Let’s have a look at the following charts.
OEM color cartridges makes up 93% market share,and OEM monochrome cartridges makes up 65%; whereas compatible cartridges makes up 7% and 35% market share of monochrome and color cartridges. From these charts,we can see that there is huge room for the development of compatible industry.
In addition,we found,from the market research,something in common in the OEM market: demands of medium-high end printers and heavy supplies consumption. Also,high quality requirement and loyalty to OEM products have positioned people of this category as quality-based users separating from the price-based. 
It is generally believed that the quality of compatible printing consumables is not as stable as OEMs,so it is refused by most quality-based clients. Looking at the full picture of the compatible printing consumables developmental history,recently a part of manufacturers have been dedicated to technological research and development,thus there have been breakthroughs in aspects like row materials,matching solutions and patent design. For example,Ninestar has a large and stable team of research and development,achieving 1100 patents in 15 years,which has made them one of the technologically strongest compatible printing consumables manufacturers in the world. Color cartridges have been considered the most popular product in the market,while the color cartridge of SCC is considered one of the products of best quality and performance in the industry.
As a subordinate company of Seine,Ninestar has overwhelming advantages on resources after APEX merged with SCC. Ninestar has been leading the market by its technology and cooperation with strong companies,and now plan to release a series of high-end products,Smart Match series,aimed for quality-based clients,offering the most stable quality and excellent performance as OEMs. 
In the manufacturing process,there are three advantages of Smart Match series outstanding from others. First of all,in terms of selecting suppliers,apart from the high quality,we also require the capacity enabling them to research and develop in accordance with the our design. Furthermore,in order to ensure the high quality,we control it by mathematical statistics method during the process. Lastly,it is the dust-free workshop which achieves dust-free by following a rigorous standard and requiring workers to wear anti-static coats.

Dust-free workshop
Currently,the products are on the stage of testing,and samples will be released to the market within a month.