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Ninestar: Time to Open a New Chapter

Themed “Cohesion Creates the Future”, the press conference for Apex Technology’s acquisition of Lexmark was held in Beijing on December 12th, 2016. Over two hundred of distinguished guests and media partners witnessed the historic moment.


November 30, 2016 – Zhuhai, China - Apex Technology has recently announced the completion of its acquisition of Lexmark. This acquisition, worth $3.9 billion (including 100% of stock rights, intellectual products and the brand) has become China’s largest overseas acquisition in the printing industry. This was not only a milestone development in Apex’s history, but a landmark event for the entire global printing industry. 


Some analysts have noted that the merge between Apex Technology and Lexmark is a typical strategic acquisition. One of its goals was to make strides in the international market by obtaining better technology and products. Through acquisition, Apex Technology has won more advanced technologies, access to untapped marketing channels, and a global brand presence.


Mr. Jackson Wang, the Chairman of Apex Technology, spoke about the acquisition, “Many people think this case where ‘A snake swallows an elephant’, but I would prefer to compare the case to marriage. Apex Technology was a poor young man, but he married a beautiful and successful woman named Lexmark. “


The strength and power of the “beautiful and successful woman” is visible to all. Its advanced printing technologies and MPS (Managed Printing Service) are at the forefront of the industry. Alternatively rooted in the emerging market, the “poor young man” is a young but healthy enterprise whose strengths lie with printing cost management and control. Their “marriage” is mutually beneficial and the synergistic effects they bring have been worth the wait.


“If you asked me to describe the history of Apex Technology, I would say it has been a long journey exploring the possibility of our innovations. With ambitious development and research steeped in technology, Apex has seen  sustainable and stable development over the years. And I think this is one of the  reasons that the ‘beautiful woman’ wanted to marry the ‘young man’.” Mr. Jackson Wang added.


Founded in 2000, Apex Technology is devoted to offering its customers printing solutions through compatible consumables chips, printer SoC chips, toner cartridges, ink cartridges, ribbons and other printing components. Years of dedication and hard work have made it one of the leading manufacturers in the global printing industry. As a sub-company of Apex Technology, Ninestar has been focusing on providing a one-stop printing solution with leading technologies for over fifteen years.


Apex Technology and Lexmark’s acquisition opens up incredible opportunities for Ninestar. From a marketing perspective, Lexmark has footholds in Europe and America while Apex and Ninestar have established strong channels and a solid customer base in developing countries. It’s believed this acquisition will improve both parties’ competitiveness in the global market. From a production and supplier chain perspective, production cost will decrease and recourse integration will be strengthened. Apart from the successful merger with SCC in 2015, the completed acquisition of Lexmark made Apex and Ninestar the only aftermarket printing solution provider backed with the original manufacturer’s technical support.


“The expansion and development of an enterprise not only increases profit, it increases its core value.” Mr. Jackson Wang concluded.


Apex and Ninestar regard loyalty, pragmatism, innovation and win-win as the enterprise's core values. They have never stopped pursuing these core values and are looking forward to starting the new chapter ahead.



<<News Release on Dec 12, 2016 in Beijing China>>